How to Use a Horse Betting Strategy to Get a Risk Free Profits From Betting on Betfair

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is possible to get a risk free profit from betting on horse racing using a horse betting strategy. In simple terms, this is not at all impossible. But, first of all, you need to understand what “risk free” or “risk free profit” actually means.

Firstly, the term “risk free profit” is predicated on the belief that betting, in itself, can be used to generate a risk free profit for the bettor. However, I stress that the term “risk free” or “risk free profit” is combined with the fallacy of Equivalence. Let me explain.

How to Use a Horse Betting Strategy to Get a Risk Free Profits From Betting on Betfair

Essentially, Equivalence is the fallacy that the results of two dice being thrown (or basketball shots being made, etc.) arezonened equal. Therefore, if I were to compare two casino dice, and roll a 1 and 2, I can be said to have equivalent odds of 1:1 or 2:1. In other words, I can have double the money I risk, or double the chance of losing, if I replace the 1 and 2 with their equivalent odds: 1:1 and 2:1.

In theory, it sounds intuitively true that if I replace the 1 and 2 with their true odds, then I will have a risk free profit. In reality, of course, the odds are not true; they are only implied odds. As long as I bet on red at the Bookmakers, there is no chance of me losing twice in a row, so there is no risk.

However, I can be holding out a great deal of money, in which case I would not be tempted to do as the Casino does. I would be more inclined to bet on black, as the Bookmakers has to offer me a price that is sufficient to offset the risk of four possible outcomes (winning, losing, winning, losing)

Now, if I replace the 1 and 2 with their true odds, in addition to the advantageous situation in which I am toying, there is a chance that I take the loss and break even, Therefore, I am in a position whereby I am guaranteed a profit by betting on red at the Bookmakers. In all events, the Bookmakers is a counterparty to our deal; we could say that the Bookmakers is the other gambler in our counterparty relationship.

Nevertheless, there will always be edge which we can bet on red at the Bookmakers, or any other betting exchange, the outcome of which is our dependent variable. In order to do this with a trading firm, we will have to have a lot of knowledge of the Market, in which we are to bet as far as the disposition of the price is concerned.

Moreover, if after we perfect our knowledge of the market and its price, we still do not like it, it is possible to sell our knowledge for money back to the bookmakers. This sells our knowledge for money to those who are prepared to pay for it in full and who are ready to discard it. Ultimately,ETS react to changes in the market by means of a Betting Exchange, just asdaq react to changes in the stock market by means of a trading platform.

ETS gamingEAnerCOptions=oneCoefficient. Whereas, the odds given by the Bookmakers are given in several forms, including fractional, decimal, moneyline and parlay. fractional odds are suited for betting on competitions and sports that do not have whenever length of gameplay. For instance, soccer matches have a one-minute injury period. In such events, fractional odds given by the bookmakers are more apt to be applicable.

Fractional odds given by the bookmakers that are used in the betting exchange are more suited to bets that cover betting on a competition or a game. The odds given by the bookmakers are often fixed and are dependent on the amount of money that the bookmaker has in his possession.

How to Play Hold Em Poker – Things to Know

Teaching how to play hold em poker is a wonderful idea. This game is one of the most popular party games, especially in the gatherings and Rutgers universities.

Unlike the real poker which requires stiff competition, hold em poker can be played with minimal knowledge of the game. Add to that the luck factor which is highly favorable to the players as it is in poker. This is the reason why hold em poker has gained popularity among the masses.

The main purpose in playing this game is to make the other players fold. This happens when a playerseverely out of the game. The betting is on the basis of face cards and the five community cards.

It may happen that only one player stays out of the game after the flop. If he is the one that has the poor hand, he has to pay another bet to stay in the game. But the one that is seriously short, he has to pay the crushing bet, even if he has no hand to deal with.

Theulator bet is the most common betting system. The mesh is a game especially created for the purpose of betting and the skilled players can take advantage of the fact that the less the better are the hands to beat the odds.

The maximize profit system in poker is one of the excellent betting systems. The only thing about this system is that it is not very easy to beat. But a lot of experience in this game can help a player to win at the least. The player should be able to enhance his betting with the help of a perfect combination of cards in the hand.

Hand fluctuations can occur after a player deals with the flop. The player should be able to notice the deviations in the cards and should be able to take adequate decisions.

Superficial moves should be avoided in the poker game. These include:

-making fast decisions-checking and calling-going for a draw

The ones that fail to be employed are:

-loaning cards-bluffing

The ones that are very successful in poker are:

-stacking the deck cards-drawing the cards- Wesley calculation

The ones that spend a lot of time on the game are:

-carefully following the stud poker strategy-stacking the cards-blind strategy

Compiled the above information, it can certainly enables a player to win the game. The mentioned strategy and poker method simply help a player identify the weakest and strong hands, to maximize the chances of winning or to be able to save the money when losing.

Being Successful in Online Casinos

Online casinos can be a very overwhelming experience for many people. Millions of people all over the world log onto the internet everyday and play casino games for money. People that are not documented as gamblers often assume that online gambling is a pastime for the wealthy or the addicted while in reality, anyone can learn how to benefit from these online casino games.

There are a few steps that must be taken towards starting to benefit from online casino games that one can play for money. These steps include reading up on a few different online casino guide so that new players can familiarize themselves with different casino games, completing Enough? Do these enough? Yes! The tips and tricks that are found in online casino guide help gamblers turn the tables on the house and help land them several thousand dollars over the course of a month.

While one is learning how to play an online casino game, it is important that they read over a few different online casino guide so that they can familiarize themselves with the different strategy to learn and how to make proper use of their time at a casino. New players often overlook these tips and exceptions while focusing on learning how to play the game of casino for money.

The most important factor to consider when playing any casino game is to focus on fun rather than getting tight and doing the odds or math. When playing blackjack, it is important to make sure that the player is having fun as the game is a very tension free way to kill time. The player should look at the odds and math of each hand as they would when playing poker. Blackjack is a very easy game that does not require a lot of skill. The main goal is to beat the dealer by having a higher card total than him or her. Every player that knows what they are doing rolls over the edge and wins several thousand dollars over time.

When playing poker, a player should understand that they are not competing with other players. They are competing only against the dealer. When playing poker, a player should make sure that they are against the house and that they are doing so in a fair and legal way. How can they do this without cheating? Easy, the dealer cannot cheat and there are no Pistons in the game so the dealer is your enemy. When a player beats the dealer, they have completed a streak of blackjack hands and the dealer goes bust. Online, it is impossible to know if a dealer has gone bust. Therefore, it is impossible to know if a player has won. Playing online, a player is only competing against the software.

Online, a player is playing only against the software and no one else. Online casinos are the most secure and reliable places to play live casino games. Online is the most reliable and advanced way to play casino games. You may have already played casino games online, but you can add many more types of games and even slot machines to your wish list.

Badugi – The Exciting Asian Poker

Badugi, is the Asian variant of poker that has been gaining significant popularity among the card playing enthusiasts in the past few years. Badugi is usually reported to have come from Korea but there are also accounts of its Chinese origin. It is offered in many poker online sites as well as in big casinos. With its present status, there is no doubt that Badugi has ‘arrived” in the gambling scene. In Badugi, a hand is made up of four cards, where a player has three chances to draw or change the combination, to 8 face cards to make the best hand. The Badugi is necessarily a betting game. Once the betting rounds are completed, the hands are shown to the spectator. Usually, the highest hand wins the game. In Badugi, the highest hand wins, but the reverse can also be stated. When the game is continued with the same hand, the player with the lowest hand wins the game. This hand can be a low or high hand. The Badugi is always played with a deck of 52 cards.

A badugi is a hand made up of cards lower than the hand of five cards known as a Badugi. Understand Badugi means you are unsuited to the cards in the hand. When you call Badugi with less than a badugi, you have ‘betting necessity’. When you have a badugi, you do not have to match your bet to continue the game. Note that to select the cards, you select the ones which are superior.

A badugi is not to be confused with the Lucky Lester poker. In this poker game, the player receives three cards and places them in the center of the table as if you are placing them on the table. You show your cards to the spectator. If the spectator is of the same rank as you, you must rank them in order.

So, your game consists of one round of betting. The badugi is concluded once the hand is over. If the hand is equal to the amount of the highest bet in the initial round of badugi, the game ends. The hand starts again with the appropriate number of players. Once the game is over, the highest hand of the four corners is the winning hand.

Rank of hand in Badugi

The type of hand to hold Badugi is the same as in Lucky Pass. Only the order of the cards is important. Royal Flush is the best hand. You have a Badugi if you have five cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter if the cards are in the same suit in different order.

It can be realized with the help of a hand clarifying chart. This chart is available in many book stores.

Hand Columns

1.Three of a Kind

You have three cards of the same rank.

2.Two Pair

You have two sets of pairs.

3.One Pair

You have one set of cards of the same rank.

4.High Card

A card has the highest card. If the highest card of a set is already included in the list, then the next higher card is sufficient.

Badugi and Lucky Pass

The Hi Low Omaha rules apply to the Badugi. You have to bet in the fourth column. If the banker draws a four or a five card hand, they draw whether the cards are high or low. If there is a tie then the next highest card will be drawn.

The dealer has to draw until they get a total of 3 cards for the bank and they never draw more than that. The game is of two cards to one. In case of a tie, the game is restdded until someone has a total of more than three. When the total of three cards or less is higher than the dealer, then the first to bet wins.

The two types of betting are fold and bump. Fold is to declare that you are folding and you leave the cards in the middle of the table. From this time on, you can bet with or without the cards. bump is to place an additional bet in the game.

The dealer initial ask for the minimum bet. They can ask as little as half of the minimum bet to start. If the banker has less than three cards then they must draw if another card is to be drawn. When they draw, they must place a bet equal to the minimum bet. The dealer Pony does not draw unless they have a match of three.

The game is of two cards to one. In case of a tie, the banker wins. In case of a tie, the player loses.

When to Move All-In After a Raise is a Key Play in Your Tournament Poker Strategy

This article focuses on when to consider moving all-in or pressing your entire stack in a poker tournament. This advanced play is actually a mistake many players make. Read on to learn more.

It is important to be able to exploit other players mistakes and make money doing so. One of the most profitable advanced poker strategies to use is to analyze what the player should have, considering the fairly loose nature of the poker tournament.

The hypotheses are:

  1. Your opponent will have a small pocket pair.
  2. Your opponent will call a small bet, then you reraise them and he folds with a small pocket pair.
  3. Your opponent will call your raise, then you called his small bet. He has a pocket pair.

As a result you will win a lot of small pots because players quite often call the bets your raises. The result is you will get paid off more when your monster hand actually wins.

This strategy is also applicable to online poker88 tournaments because quite often you will have a fold equity built into the online poker tournament rules. That is players will fold to your raises and you can call them. In that situation you will not be gambling, in fact you will have a positive return on your tournament poker chips.

The value of your hand is the sum of your pocket cards (the small and big blinds included) plus any money in the pot from previous blind raises. The larger the sum of your hand this hand is better for you as it is the only way to beat ALL of the hands on the table, including the blinds, the big blind and potentially other players.

Please note this hand is not a sure thing. It is a close special situation though if you consider folding to an all-in, pre-flop bet with this hand. If you consider calling the raise, you still only have a very close hand. Maintain the same tension and wait for the cards to come out on the flop, and you will win the pot.

However, if you do decide to make this play, you should consider so doing while your opponent is holding a high pocket pair. In fact, consider folding before the flop if your opponent is holding a high pocket pair. Often players will get a low pocket pair, say, ace-four or ace-five, and will call your raise pre-flop. Then, they will hit a high card on the flop and will have a high pocket pair. Folding in this situation would not be good because you would waste your chips to chase a low pocket pair. chase your losses and take the small pot because your high pocket pair hit a strong hand on the flop.

The idea is to take control of the betting action by either folding a hand, calling a bet in hopes of hitting a strong hand on the flop, or calling a bet on the flop when you have a high pocket pair. The idea is to end up the betting action to a point where your opponent will have to bet to get back in the game.

This is concept is best executed with an image of aggression. If you bet out aggressively, your opponent will be less likely to put you on a strong hand with a low pocket pair. Conversely, if you check pre-flop, your opponent will have a free look at the flop to resolve whether he should continue seeing it as a whole betting situation.

The image of a player who is willing to bet his stack on the flop, no matter what his cards are, is negative. Negative is to play a hand weakly. That’s passive. You see, negative players get rewarded for checking, not playing aggressive.

The next time your opponent rolls his eyes and rolls his chips to the center of the table, welcome him with a raise. Your aggressive opponent will probably pay you off, especially if he has a hand or two himself.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is worth seeing the hand as a whole. With a strong hand, you need to take all the chances you can get, and give your opponents as many chances as you can get on the flop).

Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Rigged?

The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for review by the gambling commission, but they never submit their algorithm for review. So is the software fair for all players?

In a word, no. slot online The online poker sites are not fair for you the player. Several algorithms are used by the poker sites to level the field and produce a fair card for every player. One reason it is impossible to beat the house is the poker algorithms. The site’s poker algorithms are not exactlyategies, however, they are common sense approaches that the poker sites use to prevent cheating and collusion by players.

For example, the site’s algorithm will detect a player that tends to win every time they play at the table. This situation is very rare and the player is then banned from the site. Why? Probably because the particular player is fairly skilled and he gets lucky at a certain point and the algorithm thinks that this player is a cheater.

If you are a skilled player, the site’s algorithms will likely be less accurate in determining your poker hands. The site uses an estimation of probabilities to determine your hand. Algorithms essentially work by deciphering the code of the code and the algorithms do not work against the code. So, if you know the code, you can readily beat the online poker system.

There are several algorithms used by online poker sites. Site security softwares, also known as poker algorithms, are mandatory used by all online poker sites. These softwares monitor and control the game play and if they detect a player that is attempting to use an illegal strategy, they may ban the player from the game.

Cheaters will quickly realize that if they cheat and they are caught, their game will be stopped as well as their account. However, the poker algorithms are not necessarily set in stone; they leave room for interpretation and individualized control.

Individuals that are making consistent profits by using the online poker system are As soon as they discover an undealt poker algorithm, they Lime the code, Cornell damn near the algorithm and change the code, making it stop working, or at least stop it from beingologieskered.

The poker algorithm is a series of rules that pertain to the game play. The rules are attempting to ensure that each player has an equal opportunity of getting a winning hand. This is actually not really what the programmers of the online poker sites are after. They are after a battle of attrition, a war of poker know-how, and an overall game of human psychology.

The programmers of the poker site site are only after a win. They are not after any particular hand, just a win. They are really just playing a psychological game and they are betting psychological pots. What this means is that if you are going to get beat a lot, and by that I mean lose a lot, in the long run you are going to lose.

Certainly, there is an element of luck in the game. Even the best players can only play so well and so many tables at the same time. But if you’re talking about a professional poker player that is making OC3 ( or then you can’t say that luck isn’t a factor.

You can’t say that a poker site is rigged if you’re not at least familiar with the software. If you’reDave Kollym frequent then you know the name of the biggest rakeback program on the internet poker rooms. If you know the player statistics for your favorite poker sites, then you have the know-how to play with the big boys and win the poker rooms.

The reality is that savvy online poker players using the poker algorithms to their advantage could very well be having a run of bad luck. In other words, the poker room is not rigging the games. The poker algorithms are the secret to your success playing online poker. Learn the algorithm and use it to your advantage and you will win, win and win again.

How Does Lay Betting Work?

Through lay betting, or in plain terms,betting against a selection, bookmakers can create markets allowing interested punters to bet against a selection or team, or bet on the outcome of an event.

Lay betting refers to betting that a selection or team will not win or be placed. Oppositely, a selection or team that will lose or be failing to score.

When you bet against a selection, the price you are offering is known as the lay. If the selection wins you would have given back your stake, but you hope to earn money on the odds you backed the selection at. slot 138 rtp In lay betting, you are effectively placing a bet on the opposite team to win or to lose, this is a very simple concept, but can be complex within the Rules of Lay betting.

The concept of Lay betting is that the odds in the market for any selection to lose will be higher than the odds in the market for the selection to win. If there is more lay money in play, the selection with the lowest odds wins.

The opportunity for Lay betting comes when odds are short in a market that has priced up markets. By betting against the selection, your potential lay money can be at a disadvantage that you would not normally take advantage of in a market with adequate odds.

In the event of a long term losing run, you can actually end up in a position where you bet against the selection, effectively “lay” it, losing your stake if it loses. Conversely, on the days your selections win, you would benefit as you have now shorter odds in the market and can therefore value bet more.

One of the Pitfalls of Lay betting

The main problem with lay betting and the way that punters commonly lose money, is that they are not betting to win. For example, when you lay Chelsea in a football match, you are not betting that Chelsea will win the match. You are betting on Chelsea not to lose.

The trouble with this is that all gamblers, including professional gamblers, lose at some point. Whether it be in a long term gambling addiction or just a streak of bad luck, you will experience losing periods.

During a bad run, when you are laying horses, you lose your stake. During a bad run on football, you lose your football bet. These are not the same as wins, and should not be thought of the same way.

A Information Onlylay System

An Information Onlylay system is one in which the selection or betting information required to value bet is missing from the market. This information could be that a player is suffering from mental or physical stress. It could be that a player’s confidence has suffered, either due to personal problems or setbacks.

None of this, of course, means you should not back any such claims. Rather, you need to distinguish between the day’s problems and theOverview of lay betting, in order to make an informed and intelligent bet.

An informationOnlylay system may focus on punching a hole in the champions League or United Kingdom football. It may be luck or bias, but that’s enough to land you a few betting winners.

Not all systems are the same and some are better than others. The proof of their effectiveness is in the results, but be sure you are learning from the best.

Winning Sit and Go Strategy – In the Money Play

Always aim for the final table as you will likely make a lot of profit in Sit and Go Tournaments, specifically the final table. Never miss a tournament, especially the final table as you need a lot of practice and experience in order to beat the very best poker players. Through the use of statistics, you can increase your chances of finishing in the money 25%-50% of the time. Now you would be ready to win Sit and Go Tournaments and eliminate the “all in” players to make a profit. lumbung88 slot Playing any poker game online, no matter the size of the buy in or the type of game, no matter how many players there are, you can increase your chances of winning if you have the right plan.

There is a lot of information about online poker tournaments and how to improve your game, but most of it is either very technical and complicated, or mixes theory and practice, so it’s best to start out doing your homework by understanding the underlying fundamentals. The following are the three most effective strategies for Sit and Go tournaments and how to improve your chances of finishing in the money 75% of the time.


consolidation is when you hold two or more hand positions and virtually all your opponent’s chips are in one hands eyes. The number of hands you play as a result of these opportunities is unlimited. Do not be concerned by a hand splitting as it is more often then not, a stronger hand, but when you push all you have left in the pot, there is a good chance your opponent will have a better hand than yours.


The best way to learn and improve your game is to calculate the odds of your hand, and bet accordingly. Unlike luck, math is the key to success in a poker game. Learn poker odds, for example 21%, AK of 5h7h6d is not uncommon. Learn poker counting and some other counting systems as these are easier to do then counting numbers. Learning poker odds is important in two areas, first and foremost, in order to make a well timed bluff or play a value sized bet, you want to be giving your opponents less then what they deserve.

USE THE Process of Blind Management

There are two parts to understanding blind management, the early and the late stages of a tournament. The early stage is easier, as you don’t have to worry about stack sizes, chip stacks, or position as these are all taken care of automatically. The late stage is harder, but with some practice you will be able to play and win money in this stage. The reason for this is because you have lost the chips you would have otherwise played, plus you will be making more ‘ops’ in the later stages. The best way to win easy money in the late stages of a Sit and Go tournament is to take a small number of risks to push all-in, or call an all-in with less then premium cards, when you are a disadvantage. Most of the time, you will be called or reraised, you will hit the flop, and you will win some money.

A Poker Lesson On Takingisks #2 – CLOSE THE GAME

At any stage in the game you want to be playing only premium cards, especially when you are short stacked. Close the game when you are near to the money, as a short stack, it is time to take risks. Most of the time a player will be short stacked and desperate, so not only will they call your all-in with less then premium cards, but they might take it further and all-in themselves! Don’t be afraid to call the big all-in bet either, as long as the board looks safe, you are positive you have the best hand, and you are in late position.

A Poker Lesson On Taking risks #3 – THE BATTLE BEFORE THE BATTLE

In the early stage you won’t really know who is short stacked, and who isn’t. In the early stage you want to size your bets to determine who is strong and who is weak. Often you will see people soft opening to 75-85% of the pot. What I mean is at this stage you don’t really know if you have the best hand, or who is weak.

A Poker Lesson On Taking risks #4 – ONE ON ONE

In the early stage, it’s not a good idea to call, or raise, with junk since those are the least ones you want to be heads up with. It’s much better to go into pre-flop raises or be more selective pre-flop.

The Most Popular Games You Would Play at Any Online Casino

It is very important that you know what you are going to do at the online casino. This is the most important piece of advice I can give you.

You have to decide ahead of time what you are going to play and then stick to it.

If you have played at the casino before you know what they have to offer. You might get stuck in the middle of two games you never played before. Such a move could cause you to lose a lot of money. Not to mention all the time and money you will waste trying to learn some new games.

If you have never played at the casino, you will have no idea what to look forward to. You may want to sign up with some of the casinos to begin with, just to get a feel of online gambling. Most of the online casinos are very similar when it comes to game quality, bonus offers, and of course they all have some of the best casino bonuses available.

After you decide what you want to do and have gotten the OK from your preferred casino, you need to be sure of one thing. You must play at the casino that offers the best bonuses for your initial deposit. See the Terms and Conditions for bonuses before you accept them. Loyalty bonuses will also be mentioned in the terms and conditions, just so you know if you can use the bonus on this particular casino or one of its sister sites.

Once you have accepted the bonus and have made your first deposit, you will receive the exact same bonus from the same casino on your second deposit. This bonus will be as high as the amount of your second deposit. Of course you do get the same credit amount. However, you cannot use the money in-between to play games. Once you have made a deposit, the in-between bonus will be removed from your account. This is normal though because the casino needs to get rid of some of the bonus credits that you originally received.

The third bonus offered by the in-between bonus is the same as the second bonus only with a higher bonus amount. Once again, the in-between bonus will be removed from your account. Normally, this is not a problem although you might want to know why they are returning the bonus money. Some casinos are simply using the bonus money to pre-pay for future deposits.

Some online casinos are generous with their first deposit bonuses and will offer you the same amount as your first deposit. However, this is a low amount. Many online casinos are quite generous with their first deposit bonuses, but do check with the casino first.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions for the bonus to ensure what is required in order to withdraw the bonus money. Also,Sadly, some casinos are not so generous with their first deposit bonuses and will only return a small bonus.

It is also possible to play with the bonus money and lose the whole thing. It is called a loss-limit and you have to wager the bonus amount as well as your original deposit before you can withdraw any money.

Online Dewavegas are quite generous with their first deposit bonuses, but you will need a lot of luck to make any money. If you are not lucky, just move on to another casino. Online casinos have many other players in the same boat as you.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions for the bonus to ensure what is required in order to withdraw the bonus money. Also, check to see if the bonus can be withdrawn without a lot of trouble. This is a key aspect of getting the best bonus deal. You want to avoid risking any funds on a casino that is not careful with their bonuses.

Online casinos are fun and a well-known brand name ensures a lot of safety.

Fun Casino

One vacation to remember for gambling fans would be one that includes a fun casino night-or fun casino weekend, as some call it.

Fun casinos are created to resemble the real thing; it looks and feels like one the gambling establishments you see all over the world that offer no expense to their customers, a fun casino night features a full size croupier table, usually surrounded by craps, poker, and roulette tables meant to feel like the real thing. Sometimes, you will even find flat screen TV’s and DVDs to watch in between activities.

corpse Rentals, a Florida company that operates many of the sets now available, has created a line of fine slot machines called Money Switch. slot deposit 50 bonus 30 These are 6-reel, non-progressive video slots that play variations of bank slot machines. Money Switch is a UK-style slot, but not American-style, and only accepts tokens. Each slot machine features a woman icon that allows you to switch between various styles of gameplay. While the trilogy ofComing to Broadwayis not yet available, the company has created a several slot machines especially for children. This line currently features such characters as Sndum fromsells,Mississippi Bonanza, multiplication freerollsand the Kaleidoscope.

Fun casino night ideas

Fun casino night ideas combine the memory of an actual casino with the excitement of an actual casino. Think about Underground City, with its fog, lights, and damps, oriked Street, with its shops and pipes. Whether you’re watching a show or gambling, there’s something almost magical about being able to drive your car across town and get dime a dozen in the middle of the street! Even better, you can get dime a dozen while you’re playing craps!

You don’t have to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to have fun casino night. You can have fun at home by settings the mood to the extravagance of a Fun Casino night. Consider it the reward for a job well done-and a way to relax after the kids while you catch some shut-eye.

A few ideas for fun casino nights:

invite your friends to join you for a night of fun casino

choose a favorite movie or a children’s book to watch* choose a color or a certain coin denomination to bet* create a collage or play with clay poker chips* create a card shuffler

With the Dice Game

With the Dice Game you decide how many units to bet on the outcome of the dice roll. Usually there’s a minimum and a maximum bet, whether it’s a pass, don’t pass, come or don’t come or some variation. The idea is that you wager the least amount possible or the maximum amount possible, depending on what you think the outcome of the dice roll will be.

With the Craps Game

With the craps game you pick the type of dice you want to use. Then you place your stake. You then have a round of betting in the open area with the minimum bets still in place.

With the Blackjack Game

With the blackjack game you play against the dealer. You’re playing your card against the dealer’s. The objective is to have a card total of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over. The suits have no meaning in this game; only the card total matters. If you’re given a 9 and a 10 and the dealer is showing a 5, you have to assume that the dealer has the higher card total and is more likely to win. If you have a 12 and a 8 and the dealer has a 16, you only have to assume that the dealer has a higher card total and will win. The 12 is counted as 2 and the 8 is counted as 10, so if the dealer has a 6 and a 12 the total is 17, the same way as if you have a 9 and an 8. If you have a Jack and an Ace you have a soft total of 17, the same as if you had an 8 and a Jack.

With the Roulette Game

With the roulette game, you’re not playing against the dealer. You’re playing against another player, who can place a bet on red or black, odd or even, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 12, 1-18, 19-36. All your bets are paid off when the winning number comes up. If you bet on a number and it doesn’t come up, you lose. If you bet on the same number and it comes up, you win. The bet is placed on the table with the number you choose; if the table peoples’ guess, they win, and if the dealer guess, they lose.