How to Set Up a Poker Chip Set

How to Set Up a Poker Chip Set

While going through a box of poker chips at a discount store, I came across a Chess Board Chips Set. Chess is my favorite card game and we no need to go to the gas station and buy a 100 chip set for $5.00. Lets say we are at our buddy’s house and there is 25 of us. Lets say we all bring our individual chips to the next poker game and there are 48 chips in the box. Personally, I think it is a waste of money to buy a poker chip set and then chance your friend will have the same type of set.

Cheap Poker Supplies are made to be handled and stored. You can get them in tons of different colors and styles. In our case we just got them in the blue ones. They come with littlereams that move around on the surface and have little studs that are flipped down. In between each stud is a little piece of plastic that is used as a holder.

A lot of people think this is some cheap plastic but it is not. These are high grade chips. You can get them in different denominations and at a variety of different prices.

In our case we play a weekly tournament and about 45% of the time we use these chips. If you are using these to play a regular poker game, you can get them in all different denominations. This way you can have different denominations to bet with depending on your budget.

Also, depending on the style, these poker chips come in Aluminum, Composite, and Clay. I don’t really have a preference but usually I will use the Clay chips. They are just the best.

Next in line are the 200 RemiPoker Chip Ace King Suited Set with Clear Top Aluminum Case. Now this is one of the most coolest sets I have ever seen. They definitely set the mood for the event. They are beautiful in many different styles. One thing to keep in mind is that the color is off since it is plastic. It did not bother us when we purchased them.

A picture of this set would look like a poker game inside the case. In all there are 7 different combinations of blue, red, white, green, and off the blue. Next to each one of them there is a thin covering of blue that acts as a border. Even on the outside there are images of the United States of America.

When you open the case, you get 200 chips in a variety of colors. You can get them in ten and two dollar denominations. They are almost identical to the blue, red, and white chips you get at the casino. One thing to keep in mind is that the images are not embedded yet, but once they are printed on the paper they will be exactly that.

The 200 Poker Chip Ace King Suited Set with Clear Top Aluminum Case is the ideal set for many people. Why not get a set you have to hold or at least collect. In our case it is everything you can ask for in a poker chip set. Granted it is not as fancy as a fancy chip, but for the price it is cheap.