The Betting Strategies

Millions of people are betting on sports everyday. Some people are winning most of their bets and making a ton of money. bonus25k Others are consistently losing bets and having trouble making any money at all. If you want to win bets consistently, it is vital to understand the why’s behind the bets and why you can win the majority of the time or the least amount of bets.

The purpose of the article is to explain some of the tactics used by the pros in the sport of pro football. I will share some of the tactics used in the real world and some of the tactics used in the fantasy world.

The Betting Strategies

Football Betting Call

The Calling Call is one of the tactics used mostly by field goals. This is a bet on a team that is making a field goal. Betting money line, this is pretty easy to win. Since the team is making the prop every week, you have known their chances of actually making the prop. If you placed a bet on them, you are confident they will win the prop.

The other betting tactic is the Real Life situations. This is exactly like the teleplay. However, a persons play focuses on the human factors that influence the performance on the field. Such factors may include, location of the player, weather, location, opponent, etc.

Parlay Bets

The Parlay bet is a series of bets and if they all win or some of them lose, you lose the bet. This is one of the most dangerous bets to make because the chances of winning are slim. The bet is also very popular in the NBA.


Some of the best opportunities to win a money line bet occur when the sportsbooks make a significant rule change on a team. This opportunity occurs when they determine a line change on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The first thing you need to do is research the making of the change and the teams that are moving.

After you know the teams that are changing, you need to start researching their opponents. bonus25k What are their previous lines when this rule was in effect? What are the conditions of the game when they last played each other? A team that is moving closer to the playoffs may want to move back a week or two.

When you are ready to trader this season, start working the trades that involve your team. You are not trading the team and you are not trading the series of games. These are 100% mechanical trades based on situations presented and there is no strategy involved. However, the strategies you apply are exactly the same as when you are watching the games and reading the paper and online sports articles.

The advantage of strategies is that you are making a calculated judgment call. The thing with betting is that it is all about odds, patterns, trends, etc. You don’t need to know any of this if you are making a bet using your own strategy. However, if you are going to bet on any teams sport, you need to know the statistics for each team and player.