Washing Your Poker Chips

Washing Your Poker Chips

You bought a poker set at your favorite online store, and in between breakfast meetings on Monday you decided to drop by the nearest casino to play a few hands. After settling in at the table you throw down a couple of hundred dollars and tell the dealer what you want. “Just a couple of bucks on a growly,” you whimper. “Please,” the dealer answers as he spins the wheel. “I’m sure I can make you some money,” you whimper as you push the table away from the wall. “No,” the dealer says as he spins the ball again. “You can’t afford it.”

Grinding your teeth, you proceed to throw more money at the oblivious dealer, who just sits there smiling at you. After a few minutes you exhausting yourself and getting angry all the way, you toss the $100 bill at the dealer and tell him “I’m going to have some fun with you.” Without a second thought the dealer knows what you want and hands you a $100 cheque. You turn your cheque in, but you walk away with more than your initial $100. You have become a blackjack addict!

After setting a schedule, you stop and buy a magazine to pass the time. “Which way to the blackjack table?” a voice behind you asks. You turn around and see a pretty woman in a pub or casino wearing a short, pencil skirt and a pair of vending sunglasses. She smiles at you as she sees you coming over. She’s friendly and offers you a drink from her water pipe. You thanks her and she goes on with her day, leaving you with only a nickel for your trouble.

Afterwork, you limp home in a mood depressed. You run a quick check of your still semi-new car. The keys are still in the cup holders, the radio still plays from stations that play generally crap music. You try to explain to your wife, who’s been waiting for you home, that you’re miserable and need some company. She doesn’t reply. You wonder if she’s mad at you.

Later, after you’ve turned the key in the door and the lights have gone out, you rush to the bathroom to try and rid yourself of the constant stream of cigarette smoke. You couldn’t help but light up before you entered the house. It lingers in the memories, colas and other Menthol cigarettes you tried so desperately to throw out before entering the house.

Now you’re feeling it, the compulsion to MPO500 has become overwhelming. You gamble, even while in the shower, under the covers or lying next to your PC. You can’t help but click on every gambling web link with a gambling site in the background. After work you head home and sit down to your favorite (and secretly) online gambling game.

After an hour or so, you feel better and decide you should probably go to the casino. You walk past the craps table and towards the blackjack table. You are anxious as the casino is only a few minutes away. You open the door and enter the casino and proceed to lose at blackjack before even getting a chance to see the cards. Youressentially proceed to head to the ATM machine and hand over another $20. “Thanks for a good game,” a voice behind you says. You turn around and see the same person that you met in the pub. “I’ll see you at the blackjack table,” the person says as he Morrisons you a $10 chip.

Why is he helping you? The simple answer is that he’s a gambler. And a good gambler. And he knows that if you stay and play in his casino, you’re in for a long night of gambling. He’s a professional. And he knows that if you don’t want to lose all your money, you should call it quits before you really lose anything.

Follow the simple advice given above and you will be able to play in practically every casino and be completely out of pocket for your efforts.