Why Money Management is So Important in Sports Betting

To protect the interests of our sportsbook betting business, we have about thirty pages of potential bettors guide. Oddsmakers and gamblers celebrate after a strong weekend as the books make money. But we must remind ourselves that there are still thousands of uncounted games, games in which oddsmakers and gamblers have incorrect lines and no one tracks it.

Why Money Management is So Important in Sports Betting

There are also cases where bettors track a game and it becomes a betting sideshow.

After researching the topic through the years, I have come to the conclusion that money management is the most important factor in sports betting. How many times have you lost a game by inches and inches and ended up with a big win the next day by a fraction of your money? I hope you have not made this mistake.

There are systems like the Parlay (the way to build a portfolio) or the 3-Team utilizing as many weather conditions to build a bet on every outcome.

After about six months of researching, reading and doing research, I exhausted all possible means to beat the bookie. What did I do? Quite a lot of drinking, friends with benefits, and bedtime! I kept telling myself, (or others) that it gets easier as you go along. But it never did.

Can you imagine my delight when, suddenly, I realized how important money management can be especially as it relates to sports betting? In fact, quite a few of my friends and partners have approached me in the past about establishing a sports betting service pop-up that would offer bettors a much superior way to earn a living than laying the heavy loads day in and day out. Since I was somewhat of a gambler myself for years, and had several that were successful in the legal sports betting business, I ultimately decided to take the plunge.

It has been an interesting 2 1/2 years since I has opened my new business and here are some of the basics of how I have fare in this time. Since I started, the range of bets that I accept has been fairly narrow, thus I have been mostly focused on the two bets that I do accept. This fall, I welcome the opportunity to add a little to the mix.

There are some critical elements to building a sports betting venture and these are important to keep in mind. Most people succeed in sports betting because they have a unique ability to identify and bet against the public. This is how the experts do it and it is how you should do it too. If the betting public is correct most of the time, you are going to lose.

With a little bit of luck, you can increase your range of bets and gain some control. Since my business is also somewhat closed, I do not have to worry about changing experts or hiring an acting manager. I can focus on building a better team and getting ready for the football season.

Football is a hard sport to bet on and you will find that on many weeks you will be betting against the point spread. This means that you need to make sure that you system is betting either favorites or underdogs. Most people start betting on a favorite and by the time the home stretch approaches the sports betting public is used to betting the favorites to win. However, they are not always right, it is a good idea to be betting at least 75% of the time, but more likely 80-85%. You want to stray away from the crowd, but not too far. Betting against your favorite sports teams can be a risky endeavor, but the reward can be huge.

By far the best way to win at bet on football is to start betting as a hobby and slowly build your way up to the gambling world where the professionals play. Betting is extremely difficult, but once you have mastered your own system and are betting on multiple Monday’s during the season, you will be betting like a professional. You will have the betting edge the professionals take and you will be on the way to new heights of making money.

So, a great first step to betting on football is to have a good system or strategy and to work on it until you find a way to win money. We have all heard the saying “It takes five minutes to learn, but it takes life experience to master.” Are you ready to make the change from the amateur to the professional?